Are You Moving House and Need a Storage Unit?

Are You Moving House and Need a Storage Unit?
Moving house and storage units often go hand in hand when it comes to relocating a large number of items, furniture, and valuable materials. The process of a move can be challenging, and difficulties may arise that necessitate renting a storage unit for the move.

At times, there might not be enough space to store all belongings, the access to the new home or location might not align with the timing of the move, or a secure space for temporary storage might be needed. In such cases, the relationship between moves and storage units becomes a very practical combination to address these challenges.

Advantages of the Combination: Moves and Storage Units

One of the main benefits is having access to a secure additional space to store your belongings.  Managing organization, comfort, and storage during a move can be tumultuous, but with dedicated storage units for moving, having that extra space at your disposal while you sort out your new home is invaluable. This is particularly helpful for arranging your belongings in an organized and easily accessible way.

Whether it's a move or a renovation, the security and protection of stored items are essential for peace of mind. During a move, storage units serve to protect your belongings from dirt, impact, and unforeseen events, while advanced security measures and surveillance systems ensure the safety of the items.

Storage units also offer flexible solutions, both in terms of timelines and storage size. The flexibility and adaptability of storage units for moves at OhMyBox! allow for renting space for the necessary time, extending in terms of time and size, storing items for days, weeks, or months in response to any unexpected events.

If it's a company that is undergoing a move and needs storage, these storage units will address the need to securely store equipment, furniture, and important documents. Companies can avoid storage issues based on size and temporary needs with a safe and organized space during their business relocation.

Tips for Organizing Your Storage Unit for a Move

It's crucial to follow steps to correctly store furniture, boxes, and all kinds of products, optimizing space, and ensuring no items are damaged during the process.

The first step is proper planning. Before starting the move, it's advisable to think about what to keep, discard, sell, or even donate. Once everything is organized, detailing all belongings in a list or inventory categorized by themes provides a better understanding of what's stored.

During a move and if you've rented a storage unit, valuable items and memories are being transported. Therefore, quality packaging materials should be used to wrap and protect belongings properly, paying more attention to high-value and emotionally significant items. Placing heavier objects at the bottom of boxes and carefully wrapping fragile items is always recommended.

Labeling and recording each box and its contents according to the room they belong to or the type of stored product, in line with the inventory from the previous planning, is essential. This way, the inventory can be referred to, and belongings can be easily located when needed.

Moves and Storage Units in Madrid and Barcelona by OhMyBox!

OhMyBox! is ideal for storing your valuables in storage units during moves. It offers customized sizes to fit the quantity and size of your items and boxes during the move. Moreover, the storage spaces in Barcelona and Madrid facilitate the transfer and storage of your belongings. Don't hesitate to explore the secure spaces offered by OhMyBox!, designed to be easily accessible and equipped with the best security measures.

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