Why Use a Storage Unit for Storing Summer Clothes

Why Use a Storage Unit for Storing Summer Clothes
Having a designated space for storing clothes becomes appealing as a season comes to an end or the warm summer weather fades away. The summer warmth brings thoughts of sun, beach, and vacations, but it has an expiration date, and as the fall and winter seasons approach, the chill begins to make its presence felt. This might be one of the ideal times to stow away your summer clothes and make the most of your home space by freeing up the drawer used for clothing storage.

While summer clothes may seem less bulky, there are times when the cold weather sets in, and with it, the thicker winter coats and garments demand more space. This is where storing your summer clothes in a storage unit offers numerous advantages:
  • More Home Space: Opting for clothing storage in a separate unit opens up possibilities for a more organized and spacious living environment. Both your clothing drawer and closets can be cleared to accommodate garments from other seasons.
  • Extended Garment Lifespan: Ensure your garments remain in impeccable condition for the following year by safeguarding your summer clothes from dust, humidity, or moths. When the time comes to use them again several months down the line, they'll be in pristine condition.
  • Effective Garment Organization: Utilizing clothing storage allows you to organize your clothes by categories, colors, or sizes. Additionally, storage units often come equipped with shelves or drawers that provide quick access should you need a specific item.

How to Store Summer Clothes?

Certain pieces of clothing might not see daylight for up to 8 months, and to ensure these garments remain in excellent condition, it's advisable to follow these storage tips for summer clothes:
  • Thorough Cleaning: Prior to storing, make sure to thoroughly clean and dry your clothes. This prevents any lingering traces of dirt, sweat, or moisture that could potentially harm the garments.
  • Review and Select: Before emptying out your summer clothing drawer, it's beneficial to assess and separate worn-out or damaged garments that might not warrant storage. This approach helps in freeing up valuable storage space.
  • Select Suitable Containers: Just as the condition of your clothes before storage matters, each garment should be individually stored in suitable airtight boxes or bags. This safeguards them from dust, insects, humidity, or other external factors that could degrade their quality.
  • Categorize and Label: Organize your clothes by categories for easy retrieval of specific items when needed in the future. It's also a good practice to label each bag, box, or container for easy identification. Additional information is always useful.
  • Regular Inspection: It's advisable to periodically check the condition of your garments, ensure proper humidity control, and avoid extreme temperatures. Ideally, garments should be stored in a dry and controlled environment. If necessary, consider using moisture-absorbing products.

Clothing Storage Services in Madrid and Barcelona

Say goodbye to the hassle of reorganizing your clothing drawer and worrying about where and how to store your summer clothes at home to make room for fall and winter attire. With OhMyBox! located in various areas of Barcelona and Madrid, you can enjoy more home space while your summer clothes are securely stored 24/7. Feel free to address your inquiries about storage unit sizes or pricing with our professional customer service team.

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