Tips to save your ski equipment until next season

Tips to save your ski equipment until next season
When the ski season ends and you have to hang up your skis and poles until the slopes reopen, you’ll need to store your equipment safely. It could be several months before your gear sees the light of day again, so it’s important to store it properly to make sure it stays in good condition (and doesn’t drive you mad by taking up space in your wardrobe or falling out of the understairs cupboard every time you read the meter).

There are therefore two aspects to consider when storing your ski equipment out of season: how, and where to store it.

How to store your ski equipment safely

A little work now will save a lot of time and money at the start of next season, so prepare your ski equipment carefully.

1. Check what needs replacing
Hopefully, your ski gear will have survived the season relatively unharmed, but if you have any equipment that needs replacing, renewing or repairing it’s better that you sort it out now rather than wait til the new season and waste any valuable time on the slopes. Replacing ski equipment is often cheaper in the off-season, so that’s the time to buy any replacements.

2. Give your skis a good clean
If they’re very dirty, hose them down first, and then use a damp cloth to get rid of all the dirt and grime that has built up over the season. Make sure you clean the edging, taking particular care around the binding, and then dry everything thoroughly to avoid mould.

3. Check your skis’ edges 
You might need to sharpen the edges (it’ll save you a job at the start of next year - your future self will thank you!), but at the very least make sure you run a gummy stone around them, focussing especially on any rust or nicks.

4. Apply a base wax
Use a generous amount of warm-weather or all-temp hot wax to the bases of your skis to prevent rust, and leave it on. You’ll need to scrape off any excess when you take your skis back out of storage.

5. Lower the DIN on your bindings
Reducing the tension on your bindings can extend their shelf life. Lower the DIN but keep a note of the original setting so that you can easily restore it at the start of next season.  

Once everything is in tip-top condition, loosely strap your skis together and store them laying down on their sides, or hanging up, so that they don’t warp or come under strain. Pop your poles in a bag to keep them tidy and avoid them sliding around and tripping you over. 

Ski jackets and trousers could be kept in a vacuum bag to save space and keep them free from dust and damp.

Where to store you ski equipment

Your skis and ski equipment needs to be kept somewhere that is:
  • Clean,
  • Protected from extreme temperatures,
  • Out of direct sunlight.

You might have space at home to store your ski equipment: on top of a wardrobe, in a spare room, in the loft or basement (if those places are dry and not prone to extreme temperatures), or under your bed. 

An outdoor building like a garage or shed won’t be suitable for your skis or poles because of the risk of damp or exposure to extreme heat during summer, and there is a risk that they might be stolen. Plus, any clothing kept out there might become a home for mice or other pests!

If you don’t have space at home, you could keep your ski equipment in a self storage unit where they’ll be kept clean, dry and secure. You could access your unit whenever you needed to, and take out your equipment at the first sign of snow. 


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