Countries that already use rented storage units

Although in Spain the self-storage rental business is fairly recent and is only just starting to give its best results, around the world there are a large number of companies that offer this service regularly.

First of all, there is the United States, the country in which the self-storage business as we know it today was born and where it has been in existence for many years, introducing innovations and constant improvements.

The United States is one of the biggest consumer countries in the world and the permanent acquisition of belongings by its inhabitants was the main reason for the increase of the storage unit rental business.

Florida, Texas and California are the states that have most storage area, as most buildings were constructed during the post-war period and don't have attics or storage rooms in which to keep the extra belongings in the home. All this favoured the creation of storage spaces.

In the 1970s, the first chains of self-storage companies started to appear, which later crossed over into Europe. England took over, as the second country to support the storage unit rental industry.

The self-storage industry in the United Kingdom is much more developed than in Spain, where there is still room for companies to meet the increasing demand for space that is created day after day, as a result of the increase in the population density in the large capitals and, therefore, the lack of available space in some cities.

Other pioneers of the self-storage business in Europe are Sweden and Netherlands which, according to official data, triple the European average in terms of storage area per person.
It should be taken into account that the dynamics of the storage unit rental business will depend on the characteristics of each country, on the customs of its population and even the mobility there is between cities, factors that will determine the success of a business of this kind.