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Different ways of organising your storage unit

People need new ideas to organise their storage unit due to the increase in requests for the rental of these spaces.

With the trend for accumulating objects that has invaded us these days, having a space in which to store our things has gone from being a luxury or an extravagance that only a few people could afford to an extension of our property.

Bicycles, old books and even some collections are ideal candidates for occupying the new space in your storage unit where, ironically, the lack of this space is also a problem to be dealt with.

If you have an organised storage unit, you can make the very most of the space, and this order will also help you have a cleaner space meaning that your belongings will be in a better condition.

There are different ideas for organising storage units therefore, below, we offer the most effective ones, in our opinion:

  • Frequency: regardless of the method you choose, try to organise your storage unit with some frequency, at least once a year. This will avoid the excessive accumulation of dirt and will also allow you to carry out a yearly screening to get rid of things that you no longer use.

  • Choose the type of box carefully: nowadays, the market of boxes and storage accessories is almost infinite, there are special boxes for storing glasses, for hanging up suits and dresses, large, medium and small boxes, etc. Choose the boxes that best adapt your space and allow you to make the most of it.

Bear in mind that not all objects are the same and each one requires different storage conditions, therefore, for example, if you're storing documents try to make sure they are on shelves and not directly on the floor where it is more likely they would come into contact with damp.
Try to make sure that the boxes or shelves are not too close to sources of light or light switches to avoid contact with heat that could cause an accident.

These ideas for organising storage units are simple recommendations that can be highly effective for your own storage room or if you rent a space. Try them out and tell us if they work!