Person organizing boxes

How to handle the space in your storage unit

There is probably no single way to handle your storage unit, therefore it is not possible to write a manual that adapts to every need. Nevertheless, we can give you some advice to help you optimise the space and have your storage unit more organised and better distributed.

There are six steps to handle the space in your furniture storage in the best way possible:

  • Select: having a rented self-storage unit doesn't mean that everything you don't want in your home can end up in it. If you want to make good use of it, you should first select the belongings that are candidates to be thrown away. Questions such as “Do I really need this?” or “Have I used this in the last year?” are good points of reference when deciding on how to handle your space, whether you're going to fill it with useful things that you don't use very often or you are simply going to fill it up with junk.

  • Sort: once you have preselected the items, you will have to sort and divide them according to their frequency of use, type of use, etc.

  • Organise: our advice is that you place the things you know you're going to need most often towards the front, this will help you optimise the space, and the objects that you don't need so frequently at the back.

  • Label: however much you try to arrange things logically to handle the space in your storage unit, you should try and label boxes and bundles to know what's in each of them. Our memory is finite and it's quite likely that in six months you will have forgotten what you kept in that medium sized cardboard box.

  • Optimise: if your company allows you to place hooks on the walls or on the ceilings, this can be a feasible option for hanging up items such as skis or canoes, thereby gaining space which you would otherwise have wasted.

  • Sanitise: we recommend you to keep your storage unit as clean as possible, making sure to dust the boxes to avoid the formation of mould that could damage some of your belongings.