Man surrounded by boxes

Is there a limit to objects you can keep in a storage unit?

Rented storage units are spaces that a specialist company that provides these services offers for a certain fee, paid monthly or yearly.

To this end, as it is a service that you take out, the rate you pay will be determined by the contract you sign; some storage unit rental companies have a flat rate while others —most of them— charge by space.

Therefore, when somebody asks if there is a limit to the objects you can store in a storage unit, the answer is yes. But be careful! This limit is set by the price you're willing to pay if the rate is charged per metre, meaning that if you have an unlimited budget you can rent furniture storage of whatever size you need.

Therefore, it can be as big as you want (and can afford). Rental companies provide storage sheds and furniture storage of all kinds, as the idea is to provide services that adapt to the needs of their clients.

One clear example could be people who need a space in which to store their home furniture while waiting to be handed over a new home or while carrying out work on their home. In cases like these, self-storage companies have very large spaces in which clients can store the complete content of their home (sofas, furniture, lamps, beds and in general, all the belongings that make up a home, of which there are quite a lot!).

Storage units are not spaces just reserved for people with large amounts of objects to be stored, there are also box storage units that allow people with problems of space in their home to take out a service that helps them to solve this lack of space, by providing alternatives so that they can store these belongings which would otherwise be a nuisance.

In short, for people who wonder about the amount of things that can be stored in a storage unit, the answer is easy: there is no limit, the limit is set by your needs and the budget you have to be able to contract your self-storage service.