Businessman and storage units for rent

Storage units, the anticrisis business

Although opening a new business during the financial crisis may seem crazy, there are always untapped areas that work well in good times and in bad times.

The storage unit and furniture storage business is an excellent source of income in Spain, as it is a sector that is still not very developed.

Experts in the sector consider that the rental of a storage unit gives an income of 15%, meaning that it has become an ideal investment thanks to its high profitability.

As a result of the financial crisis, many companies decided to cut back on expenses which included storage, therefore many businesses decided to opt for storage unit and furniture storage rental services offered by self-storage companies in Spain, instead of paying heavy rents for industrial premises.

Another of the success factors is the migration of many people affected by the financial crisis or who are simply looking for better opportunities abroad. Many of them started by choosing to take out a storage unit rental service where they could store their belongings while they were abroad.

Modern self-storage businesses are different from old-fashioned furniture storage in many ways. First of all, they are companies that offer comprehensive services to their clients as well as the possibility of renting space for the time that they need. The client is not obliged to sign endless contracts with the company, they simply rent the space for the time they consider to be necessary.

The storage units and furniture storage offered by these companies also have security services and flexible access options that traditional furniture storage services didn't have. When contracting a service of this kind, users are guaranteed access at any time, any day.

Storage unit and furniture storage rental services have managed to overcome the difficult economic periods and have positioned themselves as one of the most profitable businesses with greatest progression nowadays.