Burglar entering a house

Thefts from home storage rooms have increased in recent years

Reports of theft from storage rooms have considerably increased since 2015. Stealing from these spaces is ideal as they are not frequented on a daily basis, so they are places where the disappearance of an object might not be detected until long after.

Although there is no magic formula to prevent theft from storage rooms, the Spanish security forces have launched a series of recommendations for owners to follow to try and prevent the proliferation of this kind of crime.

We are not trying to create panic as we are not talking about a spate of thefts in these spaces, but more isolated cases, however, they have been increasing in recent years. Therefore, it is always worthwhile reinforcing the security measures of your storage room to prevent thefts.

If your owners’ community has been the victim of theft, it is a good idea to get together to decide what kind of measures to take. Installing surveillance cameras in blocks is nearly always the main option for owners’ communities that have already suffered this kind of theft.

Although they are a good deterrent, surveillance cameras cannot protect your property from any damages or possible theft.

One of the options that can be considered is reinforcing the doors of the storage rooms which are usually fairly easy to open and therefore not an obstacle for thieves.

If you keep your bicycle in it, you could also consider attaching it to this space, fitting a device onto the wall onto which you can lock it with a padlock so that if anyone manages to open the door of your storage room, they won't be able to take your bike.

The important thing is that the accesses to communal areas such as car parks or recreational areas —if there are any— should be better controlled. You should always try and close the doors into communal areas and make sure that people from outside cannot get in.

The growing number of thefts from storage rooms has led many people to consider the option of renting one, but each case is specific, therefore you need to calculate how much it would cost to reinforce your current storage room, work out whether the investment will pay for itself or contemplate other alternatives.