Woman holding cardboard box

What fits in a self-storage unit?

Although many people have heard of storage units and mini warehouses, very few people really understand how these spaces and the companies that offer their rental services really work.

Many people imagine that renting a storage unit or a mini warehouse is not worthwhile if they have a basement or even a utility room in their own home, however, we also have a kitchen in our home but we don't stop going to restaurants, do we?

Well, this is the same sort of thing, although you might have a utility room at home, you can never compare it to those offered by companies that specialise in renting storage units and mini warehouses.

First of all, by renting a storage unit through one of these specialist companies, you are contracting an integral service from a company with experts who have previously carefully conditioned the spaces in which your belongings will be stored for most of the year.

Secondly, not all furniture storage or mini warehouses are standardised, as they are precisely designed to adapt to the different, particular needs of each of their clients.

To get an idea, companies that specialise in storage unit rental offer their clients spaces from one square metre upwards. But how do I know if my things will fit? Below, you will find an approximate calculation:

  • 1 m2: in a one square metre space you can store approximately 16 regular size boxes, equivalent to having a saloon car full of boxes.

  • 2.5 m2: this would be equivalent to about 48 boxes, we are talking about smallish furniture, small chests of drawers, bedside tables, pillows and sports items.

  • 4.5 m2: in this space you would be able to fit in the equivalent of a 25-m2 room full of boxes, so we would be talking about not just sports items and small pieces of furniture but also larger pieces of furniture and even a motorcycle!

It would also take a dishwasher, a sofa or a fridge.
As you can see, the response to all your needs for space is within reach, so, if you're doubting about renting a storage unit or mini warehouse service don't hesitate to get in touch with the specialists in the sector.