Green storage unit

What should I NOT keep in a storage unit?

People think that a rented storage unit is a place where they can leave all kinds of waste, including toxic waste from their home, but nothing is further from the truth.

Storage units are additional space that you can have in your home or that you can rent through a specialist company that offers self-storage services.

The advantages of doing it through a specialist furniture storage rental company is that they have the necessary conditions so that your belongings don't get damaged, as well as having specific security measures to guarantee clients that their belongings are secure.

People usually wonder what to store in furniture storage, however, do they ever wonder what NOT to store in it?

To make things easier, below we mention the main things that you should NOT keep in a rented storage unit.:

  1. Explosive items: It is not a good idea to store inflammable objects or any that could cause a fright, as it is likely that they could bring a tragedy to you or your neighbours. Chemicals are not a good option to store either, as they require special care and are objects that represent a risk.

  2. Plants: Although some storage unit rental companies are fairly flexible with respect to things that can be stored, plants are usually one of the forbidden items.

  3. Pets: Although it may sound ridiculous, there are many people who believe that storing a pet in a storage unit even for just a few hours is a good idea. Please do not do it, not only for questions of hygiene, but also for humanity reasons.

A rented storage unit is like a community in which your belongings are stored in spaces that adjoin storage sheds and spaces rented by other people, therefore the idea is to store things that do not represent a potential risk to others.

Don't forget to ask your rental company about the specific conditions for providing the service, this will help you better define what to store in a storage unit, and what not to store.