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Woman holding cardboard box

What fits in a self-storage unit?

Although many people have heard of storage units and mini warehouses, very few people really understand how these spaces and the companies that offer their rental services really work. Many people imagine that renting a storage unit or a mini …

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Person organizing boxes

How to handle the space in your storage unit

There is probably no single way to handle your storage unit, therefore it is not possible to write a manual that adapts to every need. Nevertheless, we can give you some advice to help you optimise the space and have your storage unit more organised …

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Corridor with storage units for rent

Price of self-storage rental

One of the most frequent doubts when renting storage space or additional storage is usually the rental price of these places. Deciding whether to choose one rental company or another should not be determined just by the price, as many other factors …

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Interior of storage unit rental with a cardboard moving box

What should I keep in a storage unit?

Very often, when you contract the services of storage unit rental companies, you are not very clear about what things you should store and what things you should think twice about before storing. Although rented storage units are a fairly versatile, …

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Couple looking at a tablet

How to handle the rental of your storage unit

Once you have entered into the dynamics of rented storage units, there is a series of points you should take into account when handling your new storage space. There are a large number of alternatives for each case, nevertheless, most people come …

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Couple in front of storage room for rent

How to store your belongings in a storage unit

Today, storage unit and furniture storage rental services have become popular, and are no longer a privilege reserved for large logistical companies, having become part of the life of many families in Spain. Many families have contracted a storage …

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Couple carrying boxes

Your move is now easier

A move is a time of great stress, in which any kind of help is welcome. Usually, people take out moving and storage services simultaneously, although this doesn't mean that if you initially decide not to take out this service, you can't add it at a …

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Couple sitting on the floor

Save space and rent furniture storage

Storage unit rental services have been growing in recent years. The financial crisis as well as the greater mobility of families have meant that more and more people are requesting this type of storage service. Companies that offer furniture …

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