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How to transport your belongings to the self-storage unit

When you contract a rented storage unit, you need to take many things into consideration so that the service is worthwhile. One of the essential factors is where the storage unit is, as often the inconvenience of companies is that they are on the …

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Doors for storage units for rent

Rent a space for furniture and other belongings

If you're the kind of person who, year after year, accumulates more belongings and doesn't know what to do with them, a rental storage unit could be a good alternative for your needs for space. The number one obstacle that people come up against …

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Green storage unit

What should I NOT keep in a storage unit?

People think that a rented storage unit is a place where they can leave all kinds of waste, including toxic waste from their home, but nothing is further from the truth. Storage units are additional space that you can have in your home or that you …

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Close blind storage

Can I get into my storage unit at any time?

One of the most frequent questions that many users ask when deciding to rent a storage unit is whether they can go into it at any time of the day. The answer is yes. This accessibility is one of the advantages that a self-storage rental company …

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Find the time you need to clean your house

Many people find it hard to organise their house and clean up a little due to the accumulation of things and belongings that fill their homes, year after year. Although this is something that affects many people, it is not an excuse for excessive …

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The self-storage rental business in Spain

The self-storage rental business in Spain has undergone an unusual growth in recent years, offering a profitability of almost 15% according to the estimates of some experts in the sector. It would seem that the economic crisis did not manage to put …

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What do I need to rent a storage unit?

What do I need to rent a storage unit?

The bureaucratic functioning of self-storage rental is similar in some points to other rental contracts. As well as the need for more space and having the amount to be paid available, there are a series of factors to be taken into account when …

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Interior of a storage unit

What are the measurements of a storage unit?

When deciding to rent a storage unit, one of the considerations is the size. Depending on what you want to store, you will need one size or another. The minimum measurements of a storage unit are usually about one square metre. Nevertheless, this …

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How to prevent theft from your home storage room

Thefts from storage rooms are becoming more frequent and are a common reason for lodging a report at a police station. During the first months of 2015, the number of reports of thefts from storage rooms shot up, especially in those in the car …

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