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Rent a self-storage unit for indefinite holiday

Everyone has at some stage fantasised about getting away from their routine forever. And even though it may seem to be an impossible dream, with a little planning and organisation, you can do it! For those adventurous spirits who don't settle for …

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Box with American flag

The Americans, pioneers in self-storage rental

Despite being something more recent in Spain, the self-storage rental business has been operating for years in other markets, particularly English-speaking ones. In England, it is a firmly established market that has been expanding in the country …

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How to plan the rental of a storage unit

The rental of a storage unit is a fantastic idea when you have problems of space at home. Whatever the reason, there are many causes that lead to headaches in this sense. We are consumers and we accumulate things little by little. You may be …

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Businessman and storage units for rent

Storage units, the anticrisis business

Although opening a new business during the financial crisis may seem crazy, there are always untapped areas that work well in good times and in bad times. The storage unit and furniture storage business is an excellent source of income in Spain, as …

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Cardboard storage boxes for packing

Some extra tips to keep your storage unit organised

The use of storage units has been growing in recent years and nowadays it is not at all strange for people to decide to resort to the services of a storage unit company as a way of solving their need for space. As these spaces are becoming more and …

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Countries that already use rented storage units

Although in Spain the self-storage rental business is fairly recent and is only just starting to give its best results, around the world there are a large number of companies that offer this service regularly. First of all, there is the United …

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Box in front of storage units for rent

Storage units with 24/7 access in the heart of Barcelona

Looking for storage units in Barcelona used to be a difficult and often very expensive task, as there was little offer and the spaces of the rental companies was usually on the outskirts of the city. Nowadays, the great growth of companies offering …

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Couple embraced and thinking

The five most frequent doubts when renting a storage unit

Although it is not a service of primary necessity, renting a storage unit is something that more and more Spanish people are considering, whether due to reasons of force majeure (because of the financial crisis many people have unfortunately had to …

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Boxes organized

Tips on packaging for storage units

When you are packaging, it is a good idea to follow some guidelines to avoid chaos, so that the objects are stored in the best condition possible and so that the entire task should develop as easily as possible. Here are our main tips when packaging …

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Books organized

Care and maintenance of books

Literature is one of humanity's great passions, but keeping your library in optimum conditions requires an effort as books are easily prone to deterioration. This is due to the fact that they are affected by external factors such as damp and dust, …

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