Five life events self storage can help with

Five life events self storage can help with

Self storage during life events

As time go on, things in our lives change as we hit big milestones and events such as moving house, getting married and even retiring. And even through what can be stressful times in life, self storage can help.

1. New baby

If you need to turn your spare room or man cave into a nursery, consider storing your things whilst you prepare the room for your new arrival. Organising your living space will really help in the first few months so if you have excess furniture that you want to keep or you need to store large toys and equipment for your baby, our self storage rooms will suit your needs.

2. Moving in together

As you set up home with your partner, it’s very likely you’ll have two of everything – from pots and pans, to china and sofas. If you can’t decide what to get rid of (or maybe you don’t want to), why not use self storage to keep your things in a secure unit until you’re ready to deal with it. With affordable rates, and different size storage rooms, there’s bound to be one to suit your needs.

3. Broken relationships

Relationship breakdowns are stressful at the best of times and even more so if you have to go through the process of dividing up belongings and looking for a new place to live. You can move your belongings into a clean, dry unit and you can purchase packaging/protectors to help protect your things. Placing items in storage can give you both the time and space to sort things out slowly especially if you have to leave a property suddenly.

4. Retiring

Finishing off in the working world can both be a daunting and exciting time.  Whether you’re going to spend time travelling the world or you need to downsize your home, you may not wish to part with your lifelong possessions. Using self storage can be a good time to help you declutter too so you can make more space in your home for all your new hobbies.

5. Loss of a loved one

After a family bereavement, self storage may not be high on the list of priorities but using the space to store belongings can give you the time and space to deal with things, especially if you need to sell a property. Keep your loved one’s items in a secure storage unit until you feel ready to sort through them and determine which items you’d like to save, sell, donate or dispose of in a timescale that suits you.
If you find yourself in need of additional space to help you through one of life's big challenges, do get in touch to see if we can help.  We have a number of secure self storage facilities in Barcelona, with sizes to meet all needs and budgets and our team are more than happy to help.


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