How much does self storage cost?

How much does self storage cost?
One of the main questions you might have about renting storage space is the price. Of course, the price isn’t the only factor you’ll consider when choosing between different self storage companies - you’ll also want to make sure that the storage facility’s location, facilities, insurance, security measures and accessibility will all meet your needs. But cost is definitely a factor.

How much does it cost to rent a self-storage unit?

The self-storage price depends on several things, such as the location, size of the unit, length of stay, availability, and the replacement value of your items, in the unlikely event that something happens to them while they are in storage.

1. Location

Self storage companies with stores in multiple locations don’t tend to offer standard rates on their websites. This is because the costs of running their premises differ depending on the location of each store. A self storage facility in a city centre will be paying higher prices for their land, and perhaps additional taxes and fees, so you would expect to pay slightly more for renting a self storage unit in a city than in a rural area. You may decide that that cost is offset by the convenience of a city centre location.

2. Size of unit

How much space you’ll need in your unit depends on how much you need to store. Storing sporting gear, camping equipment, documents or books will probably mean you can use a smaller unit than if you were storing the contents of your house during a move. If you’re not sure how many square metres you’ll need, you can always get a personalised quote based on what you want to store. 

3. Whether you need personal storage or business storage

Business storage and personal storage may be charged at different rates, depending on the size of the storage unit required and the facilities you need.

4. Insurance and extras

Some companies offer an all-inclusive price, so you can tell how much your unit will cost overall, whilst others offer a basic price and then extras such as insurance or forklift services at additional costs. Check when getting a quote what your price includes.

5. Special offers

You may be offered a lower weekly price, or an initial discounted period, if you plan to keep your unit for several weeks or months. Or you may be offered a discounted rate for the first few weeks to entice you to try self storage to see if it works for you.

These are general factors taken into account when a self storage company sets its prices. To get a personalised quote, think about how much you plan to store and where would be convenient for you to get to your self storage unit, and then contact your chosen self storage company for a quote.


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