Moving Checklist: so you don't forget anything

Moving is often overwhelming and can cause a lot of stress. Have you thought of everything and is everything arranged properly? Haven't you forgotten something important? Don't worry: with our moving checklist you have everything under control. After all, months of planning precede the actual moving day. With the checklist below, you can move with peace of mind and move into your new home with a good feeling. 

  1. 1. Two months to go...

    A good way to avoid stress is to not do everything at the last minute. Therefore, start 2 months in advance. 

    • Buy moving boxes and other protective equipment to move your belongings easily and safely
    • Go through all your things and clear them. If you don't want or need certain things anymore, give or throw them away. Preferably start in rooms that you hardly use (e.g., the guest room).
    • Start packing all non-essential items. For example, start packing summer stuff if you are moving in the winter and vice versa.
    • Draw up a moving plan. Take the plan of your new home (or draw it). Describe what each room is for and what items are needed. 
    • Time to get ideas about your new interior. Place your order and be sure to inquire about the delivery time.
    • Tidy up your stuff. If you don't want or need certain things, give, or throw them away
    • Start packing all non-essential items
    • Do you have pets for which you need shelter during the move? Then make a reservation at a cat shelter or dog kennel
    • Think about putting excess furniture away until you move into your new home.
    • Plan your days off in function of your move.
    • Are you short of hands? Round up friends or ask them how much a removal firm costs.
    • Consider whether you want to keep contracts such as TV, internet, telephone, and energy.
    • Look for a new school for the children in the new region.
  2. 2. One month to go...

    With one month to go until your move day, it is time to take care of administrative matters. 

    • Are you moving far away? Then have your car checked and your tires checked
    • If you move to another region, register with a new  a new doctor and a new dentist
    • Report your change of address to:
      • the municipality
      • your telephone, television and internet provider
      • your bank
      • the tax authorities
      • your insurance (healthcare, travel, funeral, car, legal assistance, etc.)
      • your friends and family
      • your work and colleagues
      • the school, playgroup and / or nursery of your children
      • your doctor, dentist, pharmacy and hospital
      • the vet
      • the associations of which you are a member
      • webshops where you regularly order 
      • shopping services 
      • newspapers and magazines to which you have a subscription
    • Take out home insurance for your new home from the day you move in
    • Are you hiring a moving company? Then make clear agreements with them
    • Arrange someone who will look after your children and / or pets during the move
    • Pack the items you do not use every day and write on the box which items are involved
  3. 3. Two weeks to go...

    Your move is now really close. 

    • Make sure that your mail is forwarded to your new address for at least 3 months
    • Clean your house while you pack
    • Make a meal plan. Make sure the stock of food in the cupboards and the fridge is as empty as possible before you move.
    • Check whether address changes from the previous steps have been carried out correctly.
    • Also reserve a parking space for the removal van. If there is no space available on your driveway, submit a request to the municipality for a parking space on the street.
  4. 4. One week to go...

    Make sure you have packed everything except the things you use every day

    • Check whether the items in your attic, garage and / or shed are packed
    • Ask your neighbors if they want to park their car elsewhere on the day of your move, so that the moving van has the space
    • Empty and defrost your fridge and freezer
    • Clear out your kitchen cupboards
    • Ask family and friends if they want to help you with the move next week
    • Keep valuables and important documents in a safe place so that you can take them with you in the car. Store valuables such as jewellery safely in a safe deposit box at the bank.
    • Send your removal firm another reminder. That way you can be sure that they will come and get your things on time.
    • Time to unscrew everything that is loose. Get out that screwdriver to unscrew lamps, curtains, etc. 
    • If you are moving to a flat, check whether there is a lift and what the dimensions of the lift are.
    • Buy or hire a trolley to transport your moving boxes easily.
    • Change the address of your chipped cat.

  5. 5. The day before...

    It's almost time! 

    • Make sure your cell phone and other electronic devices are charged
    • Put all the practical things you need together in a clearly marked box, such as:
      • Measuring tape
      • Extension cord
      • Step
      • Pack a bag with necessary items for the first night, such as:
      • Clean clothes and underwear
      • Pyjamas
      • Toothbrush and toothpaste
      • Hairbrush
      • Shampoo
      • Shower gel
    • Pick up your rental van in advance (unless you have hired a moving company)
    • Bring all the packed boxes downstairs
    • Time to pack the very last things. These are important documents, keys, tools to assemble furniture and basic cooking and dining utensils.
    • Disconnect your tumble dryer and washing machine
    • Do a final clean of your old house
    • Buy food and drink for the move
    • Go to bed on time

  6. 6. Moving Day!

    Because you have already done so much preparatory work, you don't have to do much on the day of your move. These are the last things to do:

    • Start on time.  An early start is half the battle.
    • Remove the beds and curtains and pack them in clearly marked bags
    • Check if there are any toiletries left in the bathroom
    • Write down the meter readings for water, electricity and gas and take a picture of the meters
    • Tell your movers what's coming and what's not
    • Do a final check and see if the whole house is empty
    • Do a final check and see if the whole house is empty. Lock everything up and turn off the lights.
    • Get the drinks ready and raise your glass to the first night in your new home!


  7. 7. After Moving Day!

    You can finally start feeling at home in your new house.

    • Register with the municipality. This should be done in the first week after your move.
    • Visit your new neighbours and introduce yourself.
    • Plan ahead and find a date for a housewarming party.
    • Check which mail still arrives at the old address. If necessary, send your new address to those companies.
    • If you have rented moving boxes, bring them back.

    Do you need storage during your move or other help? Then contact us. We are happy to help you in every phase of your move.

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