Smart ideas for keeping your storage unit tidy

Smart ideas for keeping your storage unit tidy

How to keep your storage room tidy

If you’re going to rent a storage unit for your personal belongings or business stock, archives or equipment, it’s important that you organise the contents of your storage unit properly.  

A well-organised storage unit will let you find what you’re looking for when you visit your unit, and ensure that your belongings don’t get crushed or broken.  It can also ensure that you can store more items by not wasting any space.

There are lots of ways to organise your storage unit using simple accessories.  Whether you need shelves, hooks or boxes will depend on what you plan to store - documents and books, for example, will need organising differently to sports equipment or tools.

Shelving will help you to make the most of the wall space but you’ll need room to be able to access those shelves, so when planning your storage, make sure you leave room to be able to reach them.  Shelves are useful if you’re storing items that can easily be stacked, such as books, documents, files and boxes (make sure that your boxes are transparent, or clearly labelled so that you can see at a glance what they contain).

If your storage unit is too small for shelves, or if you need to store large or bulky items, you could opt for hooks from which to hang items such as bicycles or other sporting equipment.  Cables could be rolled up and suspended from hooks, and tools will be quick and easy to find if you use hooks on the walls to hold them.You can even make use of the ceiling of your storage unit by hanging sliding boxes there. 

If you plan to store soft furnishings or suitcases in your storage unit, it’s a good idea to keep them in a plastic bag (making sure that they are dry, first) so that the fabric stays fresh and dust-free. Bulky clothing and soft furnishings could be stored in the same way, but consider using vacuum bags to reduce the amount of space they take up.

By putting a little thought and planning into how your storage unit is organised, you’ll save time whenever you visit and keep your storage costs to a minimum by not renting more space than you really need.

And if you have any questions please do not hestiate to ask a member of our team as they are experts when it comes to self storage. 

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